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A citizen engagement app for the self-governed

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Our mission is to bring citizens across all political views...
(left, right, center, undecided, etc.)

and democratic roles...
(active politicians, elected representatives, journalists, activists, etc.)

together to communicate.
(inform, ask, share, learn, etc.)

Without fear.

In short, our mission is to nourish the soul of democracy.


GovernEye is built on the following non-negotiable principles


No Echo Chambers

GovernEye does not show you only those posts with opinions and ideologies that you agree with. That allows you to get a holistic view on different sides of a discussion and be better informed about issues. Several users have reported changes in their opinions on national issues.


No Foul Language

Posts and comments are screened for abusive/vulgar language so that all discussions on the app maintain dignity. Several users have reported a newfound joy of reading comments.

Complete Privacy

No Invasion of Privacy

Interact with other users anonymously if you would not like to reveal your identity. No personally identifiable information is collected during registration - not even your mobile number or email address. We don’t rely on advertising for revenue so we have no need to collect any data for commercial profiling.


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