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The guidelines listed below help make GovernEye a pleasant experience for our users. Please read through them and follow them as you use GovernEye. As a thumb rule: don't bully anyone, don't threaten anyone and don't use sarcasm to circumvent the spirit of the guidelines. When in doubt, our team will err on the side of caution and take down your content to ensure high standards of discussion is maintained.

  1. Section 1: Username
    • The username you have selected must not be obscene/vulgar/violent or infringe on registered trademarks.
  2. Section 2: Topic
    • The content you upload must be related to governance, politics or social issues focused on India. If posting content not directly related to India, you must draw relevant connections on how it is applicable to the Indian scenario.
    • Comments to a post must be meaningful and substantial. Single words like LOL and HAHA are not acceptable. Use the reaction buttons to convey your response to a comment/post in such situations.
    • Your content must not be your views or feedback about the app. Email them to directly instead of posting them on the app.
    • Your content must not be a request to visit/join a site, download another app or subscribe to a channel or a newsletter.
    • Birthday messages, good morning messages, festival greetings etc. are not acceptable unless you draw relevant connections to governance, politics or social issues of India through them.
  3. Section 3: Language
    • Your content must not contain foul language. Expletives and racist slurs are not allowed.
    • Your content must not contain nudity or obscenities.
  4. Section 4: Inappropriate Attachment
    • Attached audio, video, website should not have violence, nudity, foul language or memes etc.
    • If the attachment of your content does contain unacceptable content like obscenities to make a larger point about something relevant, please provide a clear disclaimer that this content contains objectionable/disturbing content.
  5. Section 5: Inaccessible Attachment
    • URLs and Links to webpages and YouTube videos must be properly attached as a link and not pasted directly in the text area.
    • Attachments must be of supported formats and accessible to the content team. Unsupported formats of media and blank websites will be rejected.
  6. Section 6: Personal Information
    • Content must not contain your contact details.
    • Content must not unnecessarily include your picture.
  7. Section 7: Personal Attack
    • Your content should not insult, mock or bully any individual or community.
    • You must not spew hatred or incite violence against any user of the app, individual or community.
    • You must not address anyone as Feku, Bhakt, Pappu, Godi Media, Sikular, Presstitutes etc..
    • You must not threaten to hurt or harm any user, individual or community. And that includes asking anyone to leave the country.
  8. Section 8: Fake News
    • Any fake news posted by you will be removed.
    • Any content that sounds like fake news will be removed. To prevent such situations you must provide adequate sources for the news or claim you are making.
  9. Section 9: Copyright
    • Your content must not contain copyright material.
    • If your post or comment needs to include such material to make a larger point, please include only the relevant portion clearly attributed to the rightful copyright owner.
    • If you wish to attach a copyrighted video from YouTube, please attach the authentic YouTube link onto the post instead of uploading a pirated/illegal copy of the video.
  10. Section 10: Emojis
    • Content must not contain emojis. Very limited use of emoticons can be allowed.
  11. Section 11: Spamming
    • Spamming is strictly prohibited. Multiple posts or comments with similar content will be removed.
    • Multiple requests for Protest March by the same user will be treated as spam.
  12. Section 12: Protest March
    • Protest March must be for a specific issue or cause. It is not to ask a question or to start a discussion; it is to demand something from either the political class or society at large.
    • The primary slogan must sound like a slogan, not a passive statement.