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Terms of Service

  1. Right to modify the Terms of Service ("Terms")
    • GovernEye reserves the right to modify the terms in part or entirety at any time.
    • Your continued use of the services implies your consent to our terms.
  2. Username
    • You shall not create a username that is offensive or inappropriate in any way.
    • You shall not create a username that infringes on registered brands and trademarks.
    • We reserve the right to terminate your account if your username violates the spirit of decency.
    • We reserve the right to transfer ownership of your username to its rightful owner in cases of trademark and brand infringement.
  3. Posting of content
    • Content must be related to governance or politics or social issues only.
    • Content must not contain foul language.
    • Content must not contain language that incites or threatens violence.
    • Content must not contain nudity.
    • Content must not be birthday/festival greetings.
    • Content must not contain copyright material unless it has been expressly attributed to the copyright owner.
    • Media files (photo, video and audio) can be uploaded from gallery while posting a content.
    • We reserve the right to block content that does not meet our guidelines.
    • We reserve the right to block content that is not comprehensible.
    • We reserve the right to block content that infringes on anyone's copyright.
  4. Your privacy
    • GovernEye doesn't require you to disclose your identity however only selected users via verification team can upload a profile picture.
    • GovernEye prohibits you from misrepresenting your identity.
    • GovernEye doesn't collect any personally identifiable information except the profile image, which is not mandatory.
    • GovernEye collects software usage information to find ways to improve our services.
  5. Liabilities
    • GovernEye is not liable for any loss of data or any other damage in any way.